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Tuesday, May 5, 1998

Below are my credit card account details

HDFC Bank (Credit Card department)

Dear Sir,

Below are my credit card account details

Name - Yuvraj Singh Bhown
HDFC Bank Credit Card number - 5243681101018185

I had been using your banks credit card since the last 3-4 years.  Unfortunately, while I was in USA I lost my credit card and asked the bank to block my card and issue me a new card.  Since the card was blocked, I could not pay off my existing outstanding balance online.

Thus it took me a while to clear the balance, since I could not ask anyone to pay the balance in India.  Since I was late in clearing my balance, I was charged some late fees etc.  

I request you to kindly waive off the fees since

1) I could not have cleared the balance on time.
2) I was never issued a new hdfc credit card.
3) I was charged late fees for not paying late fees.

My details of the outstanding balance are as below

Total Amount due - 68,353
Total Amount Paid last - 66,500

Balance Outstanding = 5288.16

Break up of Interest Charges (182.84+170.80+152.99+113.26+119.33+99.77+87.85+65.18+2800+1496.14) = 5288.16

Please email me or call me on +1 646 643 8537 if you have any questions.