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Thursday, July 21, 2011


My father wonders as to why humans want to live even after they die? The concept of Atman as indestructible, in Hinduism, has its roots in this very eternal lust for life. What actually continues to live is your gene, the DNA in your progeny….your off springs. That is happening for millions of years and I am today what my ancestors were. Biologically, we are programmed with two fundamental aims: A) To survive and B) To procreate. Our basic instincts and psychology are driven from either of these two. The human brain has evolved to a very high level and it separates us from other living beings on this planet. The power of human brain is enormous and so are the possibilities of its misuse. Therefore, without a social order, humans would be in chaos. The social order is like an applied external force which would keep each human in state of in-equilibrium. We better understand it as discipline, law & order, norms, etiquettes, religion, culture, traditions and bla bla bla…. .Resistance to this force is obvious and desire to get back to the state of equilibrium is only natural. From time immemorial we have seen younger generation revolting against the older generation to further dilute the said external force. Today’s generation even rubbishes the institution of marriage. They want to live-in. Sex is not pre or post marital. It is only consensual. Slowly and slowly we tend to get into state of our equilibrium and that would imply chaos. Once again the new order will come and cycle will repeat itself.  

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