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Sunday, December 11, 2011

psychology of work

I left Army seven years before my retirement for two reasons. First being love of golf and second my wife's blatant refusal to accompany me on any more postings. After small stints here and there,I finally  sat back at home. The famous question as work or not to work? keeps bothering me. I never felt the need to work and am quite happy with net surfing, golfing, gossiping around and bit of travelling. But, people around me and well wishers always insisted that one must work to remain occupied fruitfully and physically fit. It also ensures a daily routine and you remain in presentable getup or in military language "turn out". To be very frank I also felt some emptiness somewhere. So I kept moving in and out of jobs. When in job,I do not want to continue and when out of it, I want to join one.
Once over a cigarette I kept brooding over it and realised job assigns you a niche in the society and those who are jobless or retired lay in the outbox "in the e-mail jargon". That stems the psych to work and to remain in the loop. It is quite a churn in the stomach to stop being part of the main run. But it is even worse to work for hack of it as you still remain a squire peg in a round hole. I still ponder over it. should I quit my new job where I feel like the same peg?

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