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Thursday, June 6, 2013


What we may be calling as unnatural in the society today, is it not possible that an evolution has just begun? The living beings evolve continuously and the nature adapts to it; and mind you the vice-versa is true as well.
The gay relationships, fading away of human basic instinct of procreation- specially amongst females, confronting sexual hunger head-on and stripping it off the maze called love, relinquishing the parental care, suckling the newborns etc are few such examples. We for sure are evolving to a next level; for some it could be a sad story. Is that the ongoing “gender war and truce” heading for a unisexual society of hermaphrodites? Not immediately but say after some thousand years? I am not sure but it looks like not impossible. Fast increasing of IQ levels in each progressing generation with a catalyst of accelerated growth in science and technology is throwing much loftier options as against the basic natural instincts, we elder humans have been captive of!

 Chaachaa!  why are we faced with so many options in life? It is impossible to decide and choose.” asked one of my nieces. She was so right. Whenever surfing net or the TV channels, I for one find it difficult to decide and choose. The communications viz: voice, data, video or  physical travel  have entered fourth generation and opened avenues possibly good enough to distract us from our basic instincts. The plenitude of information availability has out grown largely the time and space. Too much to do in so little time! What to catch and what to discard is not easy. In fact you cannot see all the options to choose the best from. We may end up choosing nothing, yet keep wandering in hope of the best. We may wish  and chart so much to-do before thinking of any sort of settlement or commitment. A lifetime may be too short to do everything we desire to do. So where is the time? Some decades back there were few options, gated and channeled life, designated charter and role for each relation, few resources, few contacts etc. 
Does it mean we would evolve humans sans love, womb, sex, parents, and siblings??????

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