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Thursday, May 26, 2011

......Continued Leg 2

……………We had left Kiran’s (my wife’s sister) place in Delhi at 2.00 AM in the morning on 14th April (IST) and reached at Yuvu’s apartment at 11.00 PM on 14th April (EST, USA) . Mr MS Rautela, comes to my mind who taught us geography at school and how to calculate local and standard time. Calculation tells; home to home we spent 30 hrs almost. You will appreciate even for a casual smoker like me the gap was long and the urge was quite pressing. First thing I wanted in US was a smoke. My son told me “Papa it is $ 8.00 a packet here.” Instant calculation told that it is Rs 360.00. But for cigarettes I would not buy them. Later, Yuvu told me that if, I get into this business of converting dollars into Rupees; my stay here is going to be quite strenuous. I immediately took to his advice.
The moment we entered the apartment Sunita and I said wow! Vidushi had kept it so tastefully. She had cooked and kept ready sumptuous chicken curry for dinner. I had stomach full after 30 hrs of journey. Sparkles in the eyes of Yuvu and excitement in Vidushi’s face were explaining all. It was so rewarding as both of them insisted on, and made our bed. Believe me my day was made.
First few days were fun with Dr Shubhra ( Kiran’s elder daughter) also joining us. We escorted her to Philadelphia for her day long exam. She wishes to do her specialisation from USA. That is how, we got a chance to see Phily as they call it here. It was an old beautiful city with marvellous architecture. I loved it.  Shubhra having gone for exam, Sunita and I were enjoying the hospitality of Marriot in our room when the fire alarm sounded and instructions started pouring. This was last thing we wanted at that point of time. Though, little worried we got our acts together. Later, it turned out that someone by mistake had pressed some wrong buttons. Sigh of relief followed.
With so many of us together party mood was obvious. Also, Sunitas birthday, then Yuvu’s then our marriage anniversary all were falling in a span of next 10 days. Eating out was more frequent. I got damn impressed with the Brownstone Diners who served some real huge helpings. Their sandwiches and omelettes are exceptionally good. I also found my favourite beer: Budwieser called as king of all beers. Bhawani, my friend warned me to watch out unless I get bloated. I restricted myself there on. 

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  1. Sir you are a proud Dad.I remember my days in Jaipur when these boys were deciding what to do and going for tuition etc. I am sure they are bright boys and of course with your blessings they would live a nice life.
    Would like to catch up with you this time around when I am in Jaipur.

    Why do you not settle in US. It is nice and you can find a job for your self to keep busy and ofcourse play golf.