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Friday, May 27, 2011

My USA visit. ......continued leg 3



       It was pleasure meeting Pritam Sirur after 32 years. Last we met was 16 Dec, 1978 in C squadron NDA. My memory had saved Pritam as 17 year old cadet. It took me a while to correct once we saw each other now. I cannot ever thank Pritam enough for his courtesy and hospitality. It was pouring that evening when he came to pick us up from Montgomery Street, Jersy City. He drove us 40 miles to Brunswick where he has a posh four bed room house with a nice back yard. The house is splendidly done up with an artistic flavour to it. Once we got settled our eyes were constantly searching for the lady of the house who was not seen around. May be she is working or gone out somewhere, I thought. But then we could not hold ourselves any further and asked for her. What came next was very horrifying. She had fallen victim to cancer a year ago. Now, she smiles in her incredible paintings and her artistic touch is felt all over the house. For few minutes it was all silence. Slowly   evening started moving again. Dhindsa and Kishan both ex NDA joined us along with their wives. They are working in UNO and doing pretty well. Rakesh Gupta another NDA mate could not join as expected. We were having wonderful evening. Pritam served best of the scotch and to my surprise 
       he was sipping Pepsi.  "I am driving you back so cannot take alcohol" he said. I was indebted to him for ever. He laid out multi-cuisine dinner for us and I kept wondering how single handedly? After that wonderful evening we were dropped back by Pritam.
      It was great.....
       Next time we wish to meet him with his lovely daughter who studies in Virginia and is home during vacations.

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