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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Yuvraj,had sent us return tickets of Kuwait Airways from New Delhi to NYC,USA some times in Feb. Quite excited, we were making every one know this in Jaipur. Yes! it was our first time.
Actually, Sunita always wanted to travel to USA as part of our Silver Jubilee itinerary in May,2005. It did not materialize; to put it straight I could not have afforded it. But then she is lucky to have a son who would fulfill her desire and we celebrated 30 yrs of our marriage in USA.

God was even more kind to us.

Deloite decided to send Adhiraj, my elder son, to NYC on a business visit of two weeks at the same time. The family, but for Shweta, whom we missed very dearly, got together in New York in summers. It was a boon bestowed upon us and proved  to be a perfect birthday gift for Sunita and Yuvraj. Happiness and just happiness.

The return dates on the flight tickets spanned our stay in US to over three and a half month. I kept wondering if it was right on our part to share time and space,that too for so long, with Vidushi and Yuvraj who just got married four months back. But, on the other hand, it was also our chance to know each other better as a family. You lose some where to gain some where.

It was Vidushi, clad in blood red jacket and pair of jeans, waving at us as we were coming out of JFK, Airport. Our flight had been bearable. Kuwait, was looking all sand and oil rigs from the window and the Air Port was quite a disappointment after IG International at Palam, New Delhi. Stop over at Heathrow came as a change in flight schedule. We got a chance to see Thames River, green meadows and a Golf Course while peeping through the window. In flight from Heathrow a five year old boy, on the next seat, kept me non stop amused with his very inquisitive but pertinent questions. He even ignored warnings from his young parents who were feeling little awkward. To be frank I liked  every moment of it . Does that mean I am ripe to have grand children? JFK was too slow to clear us off and at last I was walking or may be dragging with  hoards of baggage. It reminded me of my Infantry approach marches carrying packs all over.
Finally we had arrived in USA.
Yuvraj had hired Honda SUV big enough to accommodate all of us with baggage and a Golf set. To me it was quite scary driving on the right of the road and that too 60 MPH due to Indian Road mind set. We drove through Time Square and my first impression of USA was mind blowing.


  1. good stuff , Raj-- now on to Leg 2 & beyond..

  2. Nicely written Raj....I have read this one towards the end......Lalan Chaubey

  3. Amazing! Everything in words .. U wrote so beautifully, while reading I felt I m traveling with u n bhabhi and experiencing USA, even I follow Shobha De n somtimes keeps meeting her ..keep it up!