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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My USA visit. ......continued leg 6

Mr & Mrs Dhameja from Mumbai, like us, are also here to visit their son. We met in the gym and got friends. Yesterday, over a cup of tea in their apartment, we exchanged notes; especially on keeping one entertained. I showed Mr Dhameja how to use Youtube on his new I Pad and listen to his favourite old hindi film songs. We will also be taking them around local places so that they get acquainted. Not bad, after 55 days in USA we start guiding people.
         Actually, now the aura and awe of USA has slowly subsided. To be honest, this country was never strange to me. Books, Movies, Internet and geography taught by Mr MS Rautela in school had virtually created a picture which was quite akin to the real. Yet, in the beginning I was not so very comfortable here because of a thought that Indians are not welcomed here constantly pricked my esteem. This idea is not baseless and cannot be brushed aside so easily; but I needed different approach to deal with it. Yuvraj and Vidushi set this right for me. The younger lot seems to be quite forthright on this issue and give a damn. They argue “we are here legally and pay for everything as much as any American. We are here because they are not as good as we are. We are part of Free Economy and whose major promoter has been USA only.” I tend to agree with them and trying to realign my thoughts.
These 55 days have been quite eventful. We have been going out to a vinery, beaches, river sides, shopping malls, eating joints, visit some distant relatives around NY, Golfing and loafing around in the down town. Our visit to Alba vineyard nestled in beautiful Finesville village about 20 miles from here was a life time experience. We tasted 8 types of some fabulous wines and I am carrying one for Jaipur as a souvenir.
It is not a complaint but an itch. I have not been able to play as much golf as I would like to. Except for a round in Paramus and a range practice in Chelsea Piers, there has been no golf. Reasons are two. One, golf is damn expensive here and two, the courses are not easily accessible. I really miss golf and golfing buddies back home in Jaipur. Courtesy Face Book I keep in touch with them for amusement sake. I was earlier looking forward to watch US Open at Congressional Country Club, Bethesda, Maryland, near Washington DC, but not now. Tiger Woods has pulled out of the tournament and it is a show without a hero. I wish we had not bought the tickets. Vidushi claims she wants to learn golf but bismillah kab hoga khuda jane. Golf has not been the best out here.

Another 55 days more to go. We do not know what is in store for us. No planning at all. But it adds to the thrill. We will watch as they unfold……


  1. Do not think about racism or something or discrimination. No body really cares. It is just us. We are as much discriminating of others as these yanks or some euros are. How we sometime speak condescendingly about bihari labour in Punjab. These people are more into the economic and financial benefits of any relationship and hence if you make money for them you are good if you are a burden then bad. Most Indian who go out have not gone to sit onthier haunches and smoke bidis and do nothing. So they are held in good esteem but some may feel threatened .
    Will talk when we meet

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  3. Shshi: you are right and now I am seeing it better. when we will be proud Indians? 1000 years of slavery seems to have done DNA change in us.
    thanx for following my are right and now I am seeing it better. when we will be proud Indians? 1000 years of slavery seems to have done DNA change in us.
    thanx for following my blogs.