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Thursday, June 2, 2011

My USA visit. ......continued leg 4

We are aboard Jetblue flight 910 from O’Hare to JFK and carrying along with us some very fond memories of our Chicago trip. I thought of writing my blog as everything is so fresh in my mind:

It was great knowing Navneet ji and rediscovering Deepa jiji during our stay with them at Chicago. They make much contended and a happy couple matured over vagaries of time like an old wine. To be honest, I was little hesitant in coming down because I had never met Navneet ji earlier and did not know much about him. It was sheer love and affection shown by Deepa jiji that eased all my inhibitions and we flew down from New York to join them for couple of days. She drove about 50 miles at late hours (11.00 PM) to pick us up from the 
airport. It spoke so much about her.

Our visit slowly unfolded like a dream vacation. It was spread over with casinos, best of scotch whiskies, barbeques and multi-cuisine food, music, shopping and sightseeing down town. We would sit in the lush green backyard enjoying the weather, sipping Glenlevit or Glenkinchie on the rocks, catching up on all those lost years and revisiting past to relive some happier and some difficult moments, sharing experiences of life and in between I will have a smoke, much to the distaste of Deepa jiji. We would talk about Bhown House, our ancestral haveli in Jaipur where hoards of children use to gather during summer vacations. The mouth-watering aroma of barbeque grilled by Navneet ji would fill the air and Ienya, the cute pet of family would hop around with music tied in her feet. After, dinner we chewed delicious Paan and Navneet ji played those soul ruffling old melodies of bygone era on his synthesiser and we were tapping and humming along. Mornings would see Navneet ji in kitchen making those crisp Dosas, omelettes and Deepa jiji making some yummy lemon and curd rice with sambhar and vada, and veg sandwiches. In the afternoons we would go to Casino or shopping. We also had a round of downtown and saw the beautiful Michigan Lake and its beaches. We enjoyed shish kababs and rice at Rishabh’s apartment in the downtown.

Deepa jiji and Navneet ji, both got very elderly and pampered us with so many gifts that we were declared over weight at the airline baggage counter. They are proud parents of two most eligible sons who are naturally so very handsome and adorable. The elder one, Nitin is orthodontist and practices in Dallas and the younger one, Rishab is a Director in Illinois University. They make a well knit family which has taken up all the modernity of USA but retained our Indian values.

I am running out of words and space to describe the hospitality, generosity, love and affection that Navneet ji and his family accorded us. We are indebted to them for ever.


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