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Thursday, June 16, 2011

My USA visit. ......continued leg 9

It is a very common sight in Jersy City, to see middle aged Indian parents, like us, doing groceries in the market places or taking walks in the evening along the Hudson River water front. They are here to see their prosperous children and feel great moments of satisfaction, gratification, pride and joy. Apart from being academically bright, these children are modern day Shravan Kumars. They understand the toilsome role played by their middle class parents in shaping up their future and wish to repay now. But, the American children are not so lucky. They neither have such devoted parents nor their Govt, like Indian, subsidise 
the Higher Education. That would explain why Indian and Chinese are wresting most of the jobs here.
 The American families are not as sacrosanct as Indian and people here are fiercely independent and private. Old people tend to live their last days on social-securities and reverse mortgages, regardless of their off springs. The complexities of family-inheritance impel charity to various organisations, rather passage to progeny. Young men and women opt for petty jobs to live an un-meddled life rather pursue higher education on loan and build a career.  President, Barak H Obama is right when he warns his country children to study. The complacency amongst the next generation of any affluent society or family is very natural and America is experiencing the same. Yet, construing the decline of American hegemony would be more than wrong. The myriads of strengths this nation has built over centuries will remain insurmountable and can easily afford few indolent generations to come.

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