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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Aarakshan and Bhrashtachaar...

I am fond of Amitabh Bachchan's blogs. He is, these days, canvassing for his latest movie 'Aarakshan'. The subject is very controversial and has always been pricking my mind as well. Unequal society like ours has never been a level playing field, including the present times. If, inadvertently a verse of knowledge was heard by a 'shudra' passing by, the brahamins would seal his ears with the molten lead whereas, poor guy would not even understand sanskritDronacharya got the thumb severed of Eklavya, a lesser human. Cruelty apart, imagine the belief in such a inhuman practice. Thousands of years of continuous oppression and remaining away from academics as well as knowledge, for sure must have brought into them a genetic degradation. It will require at least some good number of generations to be at par.

Now, it is their turn with reservation and others can thank God as it can neither be labeled as revengeful nor punitive. Generations, if enjoy the goodies of inheritance they cannot avoid to serve debts of their forefathers.

But, can a Nation afford to ignore talent and competence in this age of global survival and make way for not the best? Is it not counter productive both directly and indirectly? Answers to both are not simple and not to be found through a logic of commerce but to be understood as matter of priority between creating an equal society in long run or allowing faster but unequal socio-economic growth.
Yet, the exceptions will have to be made in allowing pure competence in our national defence and when dealing with human life.
 (bhrashtachaar .... next)
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