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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Anna Bizarre

A beginning has been made. The movement against corruption in Indian society has sprouted from non other than an old Gandhian seed, Anna Hazare. People have amassed and rallying on streets behind him. Interestingly,the campaign is apolitical and powered by the middle class; its two major pillars of strength. The motivated forces have mobilised and are ready to create history but there is no goal, there is no strategy. what a waste of effort and emotion!!
Corruption is a disease and has to be fought inwardly at grass root level upwards. It will not vanish overnight. Lokpals will be same as any other controlling bodies and susceptible to corruption as any other Indian unless we have ET aliens. we know our judiciary and its integrity. Secondly, legislation is charter of Parliament and not of hunger strikers out side the House. Anna and his team imperatively have to earn a seat inside the house to bring in changes. Else, it remains as high pitched drama and media spree.


  1. If we go back in time and imagine what all preparations and/or strategies were made by Gandhi before he launched any of his battles like Dandi March and other events of the non-cooperation movements. Not much really. He banked on simple truth that "he is on the right side and stands with truth".
    Today also it is very clear as to what is right and what is wrong. We all know that. But like any other time, we, the middle class people" always commence thinking ahead in a negative way and assume things like "what if the LokPal is corrupt". Well, We have had independent statutory bodies like "judiciary", "election commission". The powers, be it Congress or BJP, have always tried to influence them and at times they have been influenced also, but finally, due to the independence provided by the constitution, they all have stood firm on their ground.

    Jan LokPal bill should be very powerful and independent body reporting directly to the constitution and all other various investigating bodies like CBI etc. should be abolished in due course.
    I, for one, believe that even if nothing concrete comes out of Anna's movement, at least he has made the people aware that accountability is required in the system.

  2. thanx rajesh for reading it. am not -ve but I see lack of pragmatism in the leadership....any way we all hate corruption and Anna has come forward..he deserves applaud...