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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Choice of a Leader?

Competence and an acquired leadership through ballot are as different from each other as peaches from eggs.But should they be so? I find no logical answer. A proven distinguished & unblemished record of managerial skills and leadership quality fails on the anvil of ballot. University polls are won not by an all rounder student who is good in academics, sports and extra curricular activities but by a hooligan. A corporate house runs and grow more efficiently than a cooperative society; not because the latter lacks resources but it runs on ballot. A private Golf Club would be miles ahead in quality than a public golf club; again for the same reason. Politicking takes precedence over the organisational interests and the result is obvious. What advantage the democratic system of functioning does then accrue? I think it is mental satisfaction of the members that they can throw out the incompetent and corrupt ones. But is it a reality? NO. Then why? I am not enlarging my gambit to the national level but at grass roots level why we fail to elect a candidate suitable for the chair, and rather vote for different reasons. It is easier said than done to blame it on voters. It is human psych to be on winning side,judgmental, jealous and sychophant and land up  favouring a leader to their own peril. That is the irony we suffer and do nothing about it.... 


  1. No qualifications are required to win elections, the means more often than not, unfair. Sycophancy and not ability is the criteria for getting a nomination for a party ticket. Survival of ones political career is the sole ambition, so the only interest is self interest. We are equally to be blamed as we neither vote or support people with proven integrity.

  2. the practicality of voter's integrity needs to be realistically analysed. Are we really in a position to elect a right candidate? people mistake in selecting a marriage partner! a deeper thought probably needed..

  3. I have a different opinion. People select based on their own perceptions. Hence someone may fit the perception of a large number of people. Such a person will get elected. Now it comes down to the elected person. He had his/her own perception of the whole aspect which may not be what those who elected them thought so.
    That is why we have elected or nominated people for the board ( board of directors)and appointed people ( managers) for the execution. Democratic values have to go hand in hand with other issues of management. Success depends upon the interaction the directors have with the management and members( who elect the directors)

    What do you say sir?