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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Giving It a slip...

A stupid man jumps to suicide from the third floor in a shopping Mall and falls upon another man standing unaware in the atrium , talking business with his clients. Both survived. Isn't it quite weird and funny? Yes, But interestingly true. On 28 March 2009 at around 11.15 AM; the man who jumped was Ramgopal, the salesman in Reynold Shop and the one who took the brunt was yours truly, working as Estate Manager in the said Mall in Jaipur. I broke my spine and rest is history. Ramgopal had confided with me and I was aware of his stress and psych for past one month; but had never imagined or connected my role in his life or should I say death? People say, I saved him and God saved me. Actually, we both were lucky. He deserted the Govt hospital for the fear of Police and not been seen since then. I went through my injury, pain and agony, and now live with a manageable residual disability.
The first thought which struck to me on regaining consciousness was.... 'Boy! it would have been period'....But, I was back and alive to live another day. Had, I not been back I would have missed seeing the love and care bestowed upon me by my parents, Sunita-my wife, Rani-my sister, Bhaiya-Billu my brothers, Adhiraj & Yuvraj my sons, Satish my colleague at MGF, Col Badal a friend and the man who runs the SDM Hospital, Rajesh Arora, and the whole band of friends and relatives. I was flattered to see people valuing me to an unbelievable level. I am lucky to have been blessed with such a great family and strong clique of friends and relatives. The most rewarding was 18 JAT, a military unit where I served for 26 years, sending me a batman to help me in recuperating. His "Ram Ram Sab" was like a tonic and shot in the arm in those trying times of battling with the injury. What else you long for in life? I am lucky to have given 'It' a slip and lived to savor those, in a way, some best moments of my life.  

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